Something Traditional, Something Pumpkin, Something Like Whoopie Pies

When you think of traditions this time of year, the wonderful flavor of pumpkin is at the top of the list.  Whoopie pies don’t rank as high, however Heavenly Honeybun Cakes is causing a following of new customers and setting trends in what is popular for bakery goers. Starting with their over-sized honeybun looking and tasting cakes. Then there is their honeybun whoopie pies. 

Heavenly Honeybun Cakes is prompting a resurgence of the traditional whoopie pie, with a twist. The tasty sweet treats come in original, chocolate, banana, red velvet, apple, marble swirl, lemon pineapple. The new whoopie pie flavor for this month, is their great creation of pumpkin honeybun. This new flavor paired with their light and great tasting cream cheese frosting (like no other) is a winning combination. Definitely one that their customers should experience over and over again.


You can’t just eat one of Heavenly Honeybun Cakes pumpkin honeybun whoopie pies. Their latest special on these honeybun treats for the month of October, “Buy 1 honeybun whoopie pie with their great tasting cream cheese filling at regular price $2.25, and get the second whoopie pie of your choice for 99 cents.

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Teachers Get Their Apple a Day In a New Flavor – Apple Honeybun

Apple Honeybun Mini-bun

As a new school year begins anticipation and excitement is at an all time high. Parents why not set the tone for the school year by trying something new? Give your child’s teacher the new apple honeybun taste now offerred at Heavenly Honeybun Cakes bakery (HHC). With the fall season knocking at our door, HHC came up with its own Apple Honeybun flavor, with the traditional apple cinnamon cake in mind.

Remember the saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Heavenly Honeybun Cakes has come up with the next best thing in a new flavor. Their latest flavor on the menu is “Apple Honeybun”.  Parents and kids, don’t go the traditional route and give your teacher an apple. Try something new an apple honeybun mini-bun on the first day of school or thereafter, is sure to keep a smile on her face and yours.

All HHC flavors can be consumed in any season. The latest flavor is the exception, as it was created with the fall season in mind. Its a welcomed treat for those with palates that desire the combined flavors of apple and cinnamon. HHC’s signature twist to the traditional recipe of apple cinnamon cake, is a combination of their phenomenal tasting streusel coupled with their cream cheese frosting, which is like no other. For those consumers that tend to eat designated foods at specific times during the year, this flavor will be no exception. 

The creation of this recipe is another example of HHC baking without boundaries. HHC baking style continues to produce limitless possibilities. Stay tuned in by adding Heavenly Honeybun Cakes blog as your favorite, to stay abreast of the latest honeybuntastic news, flavors, and baking ideas.

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The Gift: Honeybun Cakes Spark A Sweet Tooth and Giving

When the owners of Heavenly Honeybun Cakes opened their first specialty bakery they saw it as a gift. They also knew this new bakery concept was worth sharing with prospective sweet tooth patrons. To ensure everyone from all walks of life has the opportunity to indulge in the great taste of honeybun-infused baking, the cakes are available at various venues: Heavenly Honeybun Cakes bakery, their website, Fresh by Brookshire’s, and the East Texas Food Bank.

If you are asking yourself, what makes Heavenly Honeybun Cakes any different from any other bakery? Great question. They have been given this exciting opportunity to run their own business and bake without boundries for the pure enjoyment of their customers and the unbridled passion to bake.

The gift of the bakery has a three-fold impact: One – as a gift from God. Two – a gift to prospective patrons with a honeybun sweet tooth. Three – a gift to those individuals who may not be where they want to be in life. As a result of the gift, the owners have not looked back and continue to move forward on a steady trajectory. Along the way, the owners realized to whom much is given much is required, which has resulted in the bakery donating their tasty honeybun baked treats to the East Texas Food Bank. This partnership was birthed in February of this year. Heavenly Honeybun Cakes will continue giving to the food bank throughout this year. There are no plans to stop this alliance anytime soon.

Heavenly Honeybun Cakes contends that, by giving their baked goods to the East Texas Food Bank, everyone has the opportunity to experience “A Southern Treat Everyone Loves To Eat”.

Source: Heavenly Honeybun Cakes

Contact: John & Jacqueline Samples, + 1-903-595-2425,


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Guess Whats New in Fresh by Brookshire’s, Heavenly Honeybun Cakes

From sales via their website, to their specialty bakery, and now in Fresh by Brookshire’s. There is no stopping Heavenly Honeybun Cakes (HHC) as they are on the fast track. Heavenly Honeybun Cakes is selling three products in the new store and expected to have their product in additional grocery chains in the near future. With this latest growth explosion HHC has the opportunity to showcase several of their honeybun products as well as reach a new set of customers.

HHC has worked diligently to get their products in Fresh by Brookshire’s. This task was accomplished by getting up to speed on the required standards for UPC, food labeling, packaging, and networking with key management within the store.

The response on HHC in Fresh by Brookshire’s has been great! Customers are saying “that is heavenly”, “soooooooooo good”, “the cake is so moist and light”, “the cakes are so pretty” or “I am whoopie for honeybun whoopie pies“. Ironically each honeybun treat yields a distinct taste and is complimented by their cream cheese frosting. HHC cream cheese frosting is like no other, whether you prefer a little or a lot their topping is decadence at its finest.

Stop by Fresh by Brookshire’s and purchase an original honeybun whoopie pie, honeybun sweethearts, or honeybun cake. For more information about Heavenly Honeybun Cakes, contact John & Jacqueline Samples at  (903) 595-2425 or visit

Source: Heavenly Honeybun Cakes

Contact: John & Jacqueline Samples, + 1-903-595-2425,


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Honeybun Whoopie Pies, Take Over Tyler

Heavenly Honeybun Cakes kitchen is where great baking takes place everyday. Each time HHC bakes their sweethearts there are left over tops, which are used as samples to serve to their customers. In just a short period of time they have taken an old treat, and incorporated their own honeybun flare. There are two dimensions to this new idea as the possibilities are unlimited. One might say, this new concept is a shoe in to take over Tyler.

In just a few short days Heavenly Honeybun Cakes, will introduce their newest menu selection of “Honeybun Whoopie Pies”. They will offer this new treat in their standard flavors of: original, banana, chocolate, and red velvet. Each honeybun whoopie pie will be equipped with delicious homemade center filling in their one of a kind cream cheese or butter cream frostings. The whoopie pies will be sold in small and medium sizes, priced just right for all of their current and prospective patrons.

You may ask, what is a whoopie pie? It is two soft cookies with a creamy center filling. The origin of the whoopie pie is in Pennsylvania, and has now become a popular treat in select parts of Texas. As Texans, they are no stranger to making an idea bigger and better.

Stop in at Heavenly Honeybun Cakes bakery this Saturday or order online. Try out their newest creation, honeybun whoopie pies. There is a flavor for everyone’s pallet and you won’t be disappointed.

For more information about Heavenly Honeybun Cakes, contact John & Jacqueline Samples at  (903) 595-2425 or visit

Source: Heavenly Honeybun Cakes

Contact: John & Jacqueline Samples, + 1-903-595-2425,


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